Ricevo da una ML, e ritengo sia cosa buona e giusta firmare la petizione in oggetto.

Re: Say "NO" to the Lincoln Statue in Richmond By Signing Petition

Please help to stop the proposed Lincoln Statue in Richmond by
reading & signing our online petition found both on Dixie Daily News at

http://www.southerncaucus.org or direct at URL

We need your cooperation and action to stop this "slap in the face" to every Southerner living today as well as our Confederate ancestors.
Please post a link to the petition website URL on your website and forward this call to action message to all of your friends and

If we fail to stop this disgusting Lincoln statue in Richmond, soon the enemies of Dixie & our heritage will be using their vast funding
abilities to place an Abe Lincoln statue in every town, city and square across Dixie. Please sign the petition and forward this message today ll across the South, the United States & the world.

Ron Holland, Editor
Dixie Daily News