Sito ufficiale di un movimento ultra-nazionalista Scozzese. Molto interessante, ci terrei a postare uno stralcio del loro "manifesto" (mi spiace x chi non capisce l'Inglese!)

Freedom awaits those Scots who recognise their enemies and confront their arrogance or complacency with conviction and resolve-for those who will not see will undoubtedly play their part in consigning our nation to the mists of time and shelves of academic curiosity.

1. Siol nan Gaidheal is an Ultra-Nationalist Organisation which exists to advance the cause of full Scottish Independence.

2. We demand the creation of a Scotland in which women and men stand free and equal in partnership and responsibility.

3. Our aim is to promote and reassert the historical sovereignty of the indigenous ethnic community which is Scotland, and in doing so rekindle the will of the Scots to take their political destiny into their own hands.

4. We reject and condemn the religious sectarianism, racism and other forms of discrimination that abound in our country to the detriment and well-being of our people.

5. We do not recognise the sovereignty of the English Parliament and therefore shall neither petition nor seek election to it. Rather, we shall unstintingly campaign against English imperialism in Scotland and highlight the insidious effects of its spiritual twin—Scottish Unionism.

6. We profoundly believe in the inalienable right of the Scottish Nation to defend itself.

7. Our philosophical stance on Independence is in line with that of other ethnic groups struggling against foreign state imperialism, namely that we demand our right to self-determination on the grounds of historical, ethnic and cultural identity and not solely on the basis of perceived economic gain.

8. We derive our name and legitimacy from the generations of Scots who precede us through centuries of struggle against oppression, deportation and genocide.

9. We shall endeavour to promote this identity as the bedrock of our national pride and political independence — in the face, if need be, of ingrained and ultimately patronising media, party political or societal opinion.

10. We do not accept Unionist or quasi-Unionist readings of our history and culture, and believe that many individuals in past and present academic, political and media circles have concurred, unwittingly or not, to legitimise the Union with England as a natural or necessary process.

11. We utterly reject the British consensus at large in Scottish life, believing that a colonial mind-set has permeated every stratum of our society, forcing most Scots to feel secure in constitutional inertia and reject radical change as somehow regressive.

12. Our remit is to challenge and ultimately defeat those who would tell us that we are not an ethnic community and therefore not worthy of Independence, or those who would seek to divide us on selective historical and cultural grounds.

13. We shall address all issues effecting the Scottish nation, with an emphasis on the cultural consequences of the Union and English imperialism. Without a distinctive identity, we cease, in effect, to be Scots.

14. Linguistic nationalism - or the promotion of Gaidhlig as our national language, recognising the legitimate historical footing of Lowland "Scots" and Standard English - is also a fundamental tenet of our political ethos. The proper relevance of this question to our national identity and consciousness needs to be considered outside the Unionist and utilitarian agendas set for us by the media, academic and state apparatus, amongst others.

15. We shall vigorously defend the sanctity of Scotland as a spiritual homeland and natural environment where foreign and internal vested interests are prohibited from treating the land and our various eco-systems as a commodity or dumping ground.

16. We shall foster cultural and political dialogue with our fellow Celts in Man, Wales, Ireland, Brittany and Cornwall as well as in a wider European and world-wide context - rejecting as insular the view that the continent and beyond are foreign to our lives and minds.

17. We shall put these aims and principles into practice through publishing, research, campaigning, lobbying and commemoration.