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    Predefinito Interessante articolo di David Duke


    (mi scuso con chi non è molto ferrato in inglese, ma è molto lungo e non c'avevo voglia di tradurlo! cmq ho evidenziato i passaggi più significativi)

    Is Russia the Key to White Survival?
    By David Duke
    EURO National President

    Everyone reading the David Duke Report understands the crisis faced by the White World. All White nations have a severe non-White immigration crisis. Every White nation has a critically low birthrate that will result in a greatly diminished White population. In America, even the U.S. Government has officially projected that those of European descent will become a minority in four or five decades. We will be outnumbered and outvoted in the nation our forefathers built!

    When that happens our people will be politically prostrate at the feet of those who have envied and hated us for generations, and the result will be similar to the wide scale murder and dispossession White farmers now face in Zimbabwe. If the dispossession of our people would occur only in our beloved America, at least our genetic and cultural heritage would survive elsewhere, but every White nation on earth is undergoing a racial transformation similar to America's.

    Even a nation such as Italy, traditionally famous for its large families, now has a catastrophically low birthrate that projects a reduction of its White population by 40 to 50 percent over the next 50 years. Every White nation is saturated with equalitarian propaganda spawned by a Jewish-dominated news and entertainment media around the world. Not only are White numbers dwindling, but racial intermarriage has risen dramatically among the remaining Whites. Also, within our race itself, as is true among the non-White minorities, the brightest and most successful have the fewest children, while the least intelligent and responsible have the highest reproductive rates. So even those Whites left are being dumbed-down.

    Our race faces a world-wide genetic catastrophe. There is only one word that can adequately describe it: genocide. It is a relentless and systematic destruction of the European genotype. It is not the genocide of fire and sword (although such is likely to occur in the final stages). Neither is it as emotionally evocative as the death of displacement of millions of Germans in Eastern Europe with the onslaught of the Soviet armies in the winter of 1945; Stalin's starvation of the Ukrainians through forced collectivization; the displacement and death of many Jews in Second World War; or the 1838 westward relocation of 15,000 members of the Cherokee nation in the "Trail of Tears." Yet, though it lost millions, the German people survived the war, the Ukranians survived Stalin's murders, the Cherokee people persevered, and the Jews, despite their losses in the Second World War, emerged from it more powerful than ever before in their long history.

    Unchecked, low White birthrates, massive non-White immigration and intermarriage will mean the complete genetic destruction of the great European race that produced an overwhelming share of the world's great art and literature, scientific and economic advancement. Make no mistake about it: unless our people wake up and act courageously, our very genotype; our people as a unique, living breed of life upon this planet - will be wiped out! Such would be the greatest ecologic and evolutionary disaster ever to befall our planet!

    Years ago, when I came to this realization, it changed my life. Every other personal interest and issue shrank to insignificance. Compared to the loss of our heritage and our very people itself, nothing else truly matters. Anyone who truly understands this, must shoulder the immense responsibility associated with this impending catastrophe. All the sacrifices, all the suffering, all the genius, all the beauty and high culture our people have created-will go tumbling into a biological abyss - unless we preserve our genotype.

    What role does Russia and the former Eastern Bloc countries play in this scheme of things? Russia is a White nation! Of the many capital cities of Europe, it is accurate to say that Moscow is the Whitest of them all. Although there is the presence of some ethnic minorities in the Russian Federation, Russia has a greater sense of racial understanding among its population than does any other predominantly White nation. There is a common awareness among the people of the Bolshevik-Jewish invasion of 1917, commonly referred to in the United States as the "Russian Revolution," a term as inaccurate as calling the crime syndicate started in Russia and now spreading around the world: the "Russian Mafia." The so-called "Russian Mafia" is neither Russian nor a Mafia, it is overwhelmingly Jewish, and it is now the most dangerous and powerful organized crime syndicate in the world. The Russian people also have a much greater knowledge of the power of International Zionism and the dominant Jewish role in orchestrating the immigration and multiculturalism that is undermining the West.

    For the past few months, I have been researching and finishing my new book, Jewish Supremacism, An Examination of the Jewish Question, in Russia and elsewhere in Europe. I have also been working on a book I will complete later this year called For Love of My People, a book that expresses the spiritual commitment necessary for European mankind to win the coming struggle for our survival and evolutionary advancement.

    I believe that Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe are critically important to the coming struggle. At this time, there is no national government that openly stands up for the interests of our people. Russia, now that it is freed from 70 years of Bolshevik murder and repression, may become that nation. In Russia, over the past few weeks, I have met with the leaders of the White patriotic movements there. I have met with members of the Russian Duma (Congress) and many public officials who openly speak about Zionism and the need for White people around the world to defend our heritage. In my opinion, Russia and other Eastern countries have the greatest chance of having racially aware parties achieve political power. If just one nation would break through for our people, I think it would cause a domino effect that would cascade throughout the whole world.

    Russia has an economy that has been plundered by the Jewish oligarchs and organized crime figures such as Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Tobias, and Mogilevich. Three years ago, their currency was destroyed in a scheme hatched by Berezovsky and his partners in crime, Goldman-Sachs, Inc. in the United States. Russia has a revolutionary climate where a patriotic party can rise. Although there are many reservations about President Putin, he is perhaps the only leader in the Western World to take any measures against the Jewish-Supremacist media bosses. Gusinsky, head of the largest private TV network in Russia and also a leader in the World Jewish Congress, was actually arrested and jailed a few weeks ago. He was subsequently released after agreeing to relinquish his illegally acquired TV network. Such an event illustrates the very different political climate in Russia in comparison to the United States.

    Many Russians have urged me to get my new book on Jewish supremacism into the hands of the Russian people. I have devoted time and money to having my book translated and printed in Russian. I think Russia is so important to the world-wide efforts for our people that the new book will actually have its first printing in Russia a few weeks before the English edition will appear.

    In addition to writing and researching, I have traveled throughout Russia and other Eastern European nations, and have met with hundreds of leaders who have become committed to saving our race. All across the Western world, I see our racial consciousness growing, our movements increasing, our spirit rising. Everywhere, our people are putting aside petty differences and nationality divisions and understand that now we must have White Pride Worldwide and White Unity. I am doing my best to carry this spirit wherever I travel, and I can tell you that this spirit is contagious! Never have I been so encouraged.

    The leaders I have met have included, National Front leaders Jean Marie Le Pen and Bruno Gollnish at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. Ahmed Rami, one of the leading anti-Zionist publishers in the world, Juergen Graf, the educator who has faced persecution in Switzerland for daring to historically challenge some aspects of the Holocaust story, and many other Russian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Swedish, French, Italian, German, Austrian, Danish, Spanish, and British researchers and leaders who are part of the growing worldwide movement for truth, freedom and heritage.

    Shortly before I left Russia, I spoke at the Mykovsky Museum, which is situated directly across the street from the infamous Lubyanka Prison and KGB headquarters in Moscow. The packed audience of 400 White Russian patriots cheered my speech from start to finish. It looked like a campaign stop in my political races in Louisiana; yet I was 5,000 miles away. A sense of European brotherhood permeated the room and it inspired me, as I know they were inspired by my words and passion. How ironic and how fateful, that only a few meters from the most infamous site of bloody violence against Russian Christians by the Bolsheviks, one could now openly talk about the murder and torture that occurred there, and reveal the identity of those responsible.

    When I spoke, the emotion of the moment burned the words into my memory.

    I need not tell you that those who control the governments and mass media of the world are of the same heritage as those who slit the throats of so many of your fathers and grandfathers in the blood-drenched prison of infamy only a few steps from this hall.

    They no longer wear the same uniforms and some of their methods have changed, but make no mistake: their dark purpose is the same. They not only seek the destruction of the great Russian people but of every White nationality the world over. We have here tonight, Americans and Russians, Ukranians and Estonians. Our nations have had their conflicts in the past, but although we are proud of our respective nationalities and want to preserve every cultural nuance and manifestation of our people, we all know that no White nationality can survive unless every White nationality survives.

    We cannot win this struggle unless we stand indivisible against an implacable enemy whose hatred for us has grown and deepened for two millennia.

    We fight not for revenge, but for our freedom. We fight not to destroy any people, but for the sacred task of our own survival.

    In this holy cause we must share one immutable principle: all people of European descent, no matter where they reside in the world, are brothers. As brothers we shall fight, as brothers we shall spread our truth, as brothers we shall win!

    Russia has always been a bulwark to the East, the frontier of our race, and it is now on the frontline of our current struggle. It is my prayer that Mother Russia be strong and healthy, may Mother Russia be free; may she always be White.

    When a racially aware Russia and reawakened America become united in our cause, the world will change. Our race will survive and together we shall go to the stars!

    I left Russia three weeks ago, yet my ears still ring with their cheers; I can still feel their strong handshakes, and my heart continues to resonate with the reawakening spirit of our race worldwide.

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    Se non sbaglio, parla del calo delle nascite...

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    Lightbulb Re: Interessante articolo di David Duke

    Auguri a David Ernest Duke (Tulsa, 1º luglio 1950) che oggi 1º luglio 2020 ha compiuto 70 anni!!! Happy birthday Dr. David Duke!!!

    Purtroppo proprio pochi giorni fa vi è stata l’offensiva di YouTube (o JewTube?) contro David Duke ed altri identitari bianchi americani, ne hanno oscurato i canali e tutti i video!!

    P. S. Preghiamo per la conversione di David Duke e degli ex-Confederati e W.a.s.p. contemporanei al “sedevacantismo” cioè al vero Cattolicesimo Romano integrale di sempre (fino ai tempi di Pio XII circa 200mila statunitensi si convertivano ogni anno in media, dopo il nefasto conciliabolo invece le conversioni sono scese al minimo), ricordando la storia dei rapporti epistolari e della stima reciproca tra Jefferson Davis e Papa Pio IX:
    “David Duke, la Confederazione Sudista di Jefferson Davis e Papa Pio IX...”

    The Road to Liberty: Jefferson Davis e Pio IX

    Onore a David Duke - malgrado sia purtroppo protestante, almeno su certe posizioni anti-mondialiste è comunque meno lontano dal Cattolicesimo di qualunque modernista nostrano - ed ai cattolici integrali "sedevacantisti" nord-americani fedeli alla Roma Eterna:

    Home | Traditional Latin Mass Resources

    Preserving the authentic Traditional Catholic Faith and Traditional Latin Mass: CMRI


    ADDIO GIUSEPPE, amico mio, sono LUCA e nel mio CUORE sarai sempre PRESENTE!
    «Réquiem aetérnam dona ei, Dómine, et lux perpétua lúceat ei. Requiéscat in pace. Amen.»




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