Vertice Nato, esplosione in un aereo, un ferito

Una bomba è esplosa in un aereo della Turkish Airlines atterrato da poco all'aeroporto Ataturk di Istanbul, ferendo una addetta alle pulizie, i passeggeri erano già scesi, che ripuliva il velivolo. L'aereo proveniva da Smirne e la bomba era contenuta in un pacchetto probabilmente lasciato da uno dei passeggeri.

Fonte: Messaggero Veneto On-Line - 29/06/2004


Explosion Injures Three In Plane At Istanbul Airport

An explosion occurred on board a plane on Tuesday afternoon at the Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

The blast occurred on a Turkish Airline Company plane following deboarding. Three people were injured, according to immediate reports. The bomb detonated when the cleaning crew opened a suspicious bag found on the plane.

One cleaning crewman, identified only as Özgür, lost several fingers. The worker was taken to the International Hospital. The others sustained slight injuries.

Security is a top priority in Turkey as world leaders are attending the NATO summit in Istanbul. The world leader will leave Istanbul today from Ataturk Airport where the blast occurred.

Nearly three thousand delegates from 46 countries and 3500 journalists have been following the NATO Summit in Istanbul.

Nearly 20,000 security personnel are on duty for the summit.

Ships and boats of the Turkish Navy and Turkish Coast Guard patrolled the Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul which is under constant surveillance by the strait`s security cameras 24 hours a day for the summit.

Both the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles were closed to ships carrying explosive materials, arms and petrol from the early hours of Saturday.

Fonte: Cihan News - 29/06/2004