Plane safely lands on busy street in northern Indiana town

A single-engine airplane that lost power at an altitude of 6,000 feet made an emergency landing Tuesday on a four-lane road in the midst of a commercial area, knocking over a utility pole when it landed safely, police said.

The plane's pilot, co-pilot and three passengers were not injured when it landed about 10 p.m. on Indiana 933 in the town just north of an Indiana Toll Road entrance to South Bend.

The airplane, which was headed to White Plains, N.Y., had taken off from South Bend Regional Airport and had flown about 7 miles southeast when the pilot reported engine problems, said Tony Molinaro, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration. The plane landed about 5 miles east of the airport.

Roseland Police Chief Mike Swanson said the pilot told police officers he was looking for a field to land in when he landed on the highway lined with fast-food restaurants, gasoline stations and motels.

"He did a great job of putting it down," Swanson said. "A couple of cars got close. He was just a couple of feet over them."

The end of the right wing was sheared off when it struck the utility pole. The highway was closed while emergency crews cleaned up fuel that spilled.

About 600 Indiana Michigan Power customers in Roseland and around the nearby University of Notre Dame campus were without power, utility spokesman David Mayne said.

The plane is a Pilatus PC12, which can carry up to 12 passengers, the FAA was investigating the landing, Molinaro said.

Fonte: Associated Press - 18/12/2004

Commento personale: Per una strana coincidenza, lo scorso 16/12, un Pilatus PC-7A della reale aviazione malesiana è precipitato durante un volo d´istruzione a causa di una avaria. I due militari che erano a bordo del velivolo sono morti (per maggiori dettagli su questo accidente vi rimando al mio sito:

Questo è quello che è rimasto del PC-7A precipitato vicino ad alcune case

Foto: STARpic by G.C. TAN