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Victory for Free Speech – Renewed Freedom for Siegfried Verbeke

Friday December the 10th the judicial court of Kortrijk (Belgium) decided not to extradite Siegfried Verbeke to Germany. The court brought up that Verbeke is Belgian and has already been convicted for these same facts in Antwerp.

The office of the public prosecutor didn’t appeal to this decision and thus Siegfried Verbeke was able to walk freely again after some two weeks of imprisonment!
This proves some rather important facts for us:
-Apparently the newly installed European Arrest Warrant isn’t that loved by every jurist and its nature is highly contestable for a higher court.
-Once in a while freedom of speech corners a victory which might seem irrelevant and minor from an international perspective, but in reality reflects a certain resentment among the corridors of justice.

We thank Verbeke’s release to the fantastic work done by lawyer Piet Noë and to the support of the hundred Europeans who gave this case international publicity, spoke to their local representatives, collected money for the legal costs…
We thank each and everyone for their support. This is a clear proof that we can make a difference and that the Jewish power isn’t unlimited as such.

We must however stay alert so that the zionist power structure doesn’t push the rape of our judicial system further. The indictment in Germany was started seven years ago by Ignatz Bubis himself. It only takes one signature from a zionist and the extraditing affair can commence once again.

Thanks to all supporters of free speech!
Armin Müller on behalf of the Committee for the Protection of Free Speech.