by James Buchanan

Immediately after the 911 Attacks, stories began to circulate that Jews in the World Trade Center received e-mail or pager warnings not to go to work that day. The rumors seemed to appear almost spontaneously within hours of the attack. The Jews and apologists for the Jews have insisted that no such warnings ever went out and that “evil anti-Semites” made up those stories. (This would have been unbelievably fast work by the anti-Semites even if we accept the Jewish assertion that anti-Semites make things up.) There’s just one little problem: Jewish casualties are seriously under-represented. Jews have always been heavily involved in trade and there are literally millions of Jews in New York city and its suburbs. The fact that the Jewish casualties amount to only 152 strongly suggests something is fishy.

Out of 2,419 people killed in the towers (including rescue personnel), only 152 have obvious Jewish names. There are several dozen additional possible Jewish names. A few dozen of the seemingly “obvious Jewish names” could turn out to be Gentile women married to Jews. The total number of Jews killed in the World Trade Center is unlikely to be much above 152.

There were surprisingly few people killed with the most obvious Jewish names. There were only 2 named Cohen, 1 named Meyer (which could also be a German name), 2 named Levy, 1 named Lazar and 1 named Goldberg. The total number of names beginning with “Gold” was 5 and the total number beginning with “Silver” was 2. I didn’t see ANY Israeli-style first names such as “Yehudi” or “Moshe”. This is tremendously suspicious.

By the way, there were 10 people on the death list named “Kelly” (either Kelly or Kelley) and 10 named “Murphy”. Seems like the Irish didn’t get the warning.

Assuming the Israelis did try to send out a warning, it’s unlikely that all Jews would get it or that all Jews would take it seriously. A few Jews are likely to go to work and die —even if they did get a warning. The Jews have always been a tight-knit community. If Sol Goldberg was warned about an attack on 9/11 and his friends Izzy Silverberg and Benny Lazar also got warnings and they talked about this, that might be enough to convince Sol that he should call in sick that day. Sol might also call around to warn other Jewish friends.

After the OKC bombing, rumors appeared that FBI and BATF agents and federal judges were told not to come to work the day of that bombing. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sixpack didn’t catch onto that little story and never raised a fuss over it. This lack of any serious public response showed that ordinary Americans are still very trusting of government and too lazy or apathetic to look into the stories for themselves. This fact may have emboldened the Israelis to secretly warn Jews in the World Trade Center. Any stories that leaked out could be dismissed as “conspiracy theories” and they would find plenty of cooperative Gentiles, who would attack anyone who tried to get to the truth.

One website has a very revealing description of the World Trade Center on the day of the bombing and a very strange absence of Jews just before the attack:

“Maria Sanchez was on her way to work, but something just didn’t seem right to her. As she was parking her car, she found it very easy to get a parking spot. There were less than half as many cars in the parking lot that day in September as there normally would have been on any other given day. So she checked her watch thinking that she was just running early, but she was right on time. As she was walking down the sidewalk to her building, the World Trade Center, she was looking around and noticed that the sidewalks were less crowed than on other days. Maria started to think to herself; well maybe it’s a holiday, I’ll go check my calendar in my office. As she walked into the lobby of her building, again she noticed that the usual swarm of people was much smaller that morning. Where is everybody, she wondered. Maria went to the elevator to go to her floor. Normally the elevator is always packed like sardines, but today it was almost empty. Normally the elevator stops about nine times before she gets to her floor. But today the elevator stopped two times and the third stop it made was her floor. As she got off the elevator and started to walk to her office, she noticed that half of the people that work on her floor weren’t even there yet. Could she be early? She checked her watch. The first thing that Maria did as she walked into her office was look at the clock on the wall, and then she checked her calendar. There was nothing on the calendar about today being a holiday. She started to ask around, why most of the people aren’t at work today. Nobody had an answer for her because it wasn’t a holiday. So where was everyone? Maria looked around again. Mrs. Rosenthal is not here, Mr. Silverman is not here, Mr. Goldstein is not here, Mr. Finestine is not here, and Mrs. Kessler is not here either. That’s it, it must be a Jewish holiday, she said. Maria asked, is it a Jewish holiday?

One of Maria’s co-workers Lisa McFadden, said that it wasn’t a Jewish holiday that she knew of. Maria asked Julia Kipinski. Julia replied laughingly, I don’t know. Kipinski is spelled with ski, not sky. I am Polish, not Jewish, but I will ask the people across the hall; they are all Jewish. But the office across the hall wasn’t open!!

“I have to find out what is going on” Maria stated. “I get my work load orders from Mrs. Ullman and she isn’t here. If I stay and do nothing, I might get fired. And I need my job.”

Just then her phone rang; it was her babysitter, Lucy. Lucy told her that her son, Jose, has been hysterical for his mama to come home. Maria told Lucy that she would be home shortly. Since Maria didn’t have her work orders for today, and she didn’t want to get fired for sitting around and doing nothing, she left a message with Lisa, her co-worker. Maria told Lisa that if people started to come in, or if she found out anything as to why so many people weren’t at work today to call her right away and let her know. “Just tell them that I will be right back”, she said. When Maria arrived home she called her office to see if Lisa had heard anything yet. The other office workers had NOT arrived and it was not a Jewish holiday. Just then the first plane hit the World Trade Center.”