by Charles Coughlin

This month marks the 60th anniversary of the start of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, which provided the international “legitimacy” for the Holocaust story. The fact that one of the “judges” on the Nuremberg Tribunal was an infamous monster used by Stalin in his purge trials of the 1930s apparently makes little difference. The Holocaust has permitted the Israelis to steal an Arab nation, to horribly abuse the natives of Palestine without serious condemnation from the so-called civilized world, to extort billions in reparations from Germany and to demand endless billions in aid from the United States. The entire Zionist power structure around the world is based heavily on the Holocaust and its usefulness in suppressing any free speech critical of Zionists or Israel.

It is no surprise therefore, that the Zionists are marking the 60th anniversary of the Holocaust with a world-wide assault on free speech and an international campaign of persecution against their enemies or anyone who speaks the truth about certain World War Two events.

American Historical Revisionists Persecuted in November 2005

On Nov. 14th 2005, Germar Rudolph was deported from the US to Germany because of a thought crime. Rudolph had married an American woman and should have been on his way to becoming a US citizen. Rudolph however had written a detailed technical expose on the Holocaust which can be found here.

Rudolph followed in the footsteps of Fred Leuchter, a US chemist and gas chamber expert, who was the first to do a technical report on Auschwitz. Leuchter found no poison gas residue in the walls of the so-called Auschwitz gas chambers. The chambers themselves were woefully unsuited for their alleged task lacking a proper venting system or adequate seals.

Another historical revisionist, Ernst Zundel also had married an American and was in the process of becoming a US citizen. Despite the marriage, he was deported to Canada, held in prison for two years and then deported to Germany. In Zundel’s case, the immigration service claimed that they had scheduled a meeting and that Zundel had failed to appear. (The reason for deporting Germar Rudolph was equally frivolous –normally a crime has to be committed to get someone so speedily deported.) If Zundel had been a Nigerian immigrant with eight children, he would still be here –even if he missed ten meetings. To the Zionists, Ernst Zundel is a “thought criminal” and any dishonest tactic is tolerable for his persecution.

Apparently the immigration service does not send out meeting notices by certified mail, which would prove (a).that a notice was sent out and (b).that the recipient signed for it. Instead, a bureaucrat at the INS simply claims that he sent out a notice and his word is golden. It is completely unbelievable that Ernst Zundel would ignore a notice from the INS or fail to go to an immigration hearing. Zundel is a responsible, sober adult AND Mr. Zundel knows that he would be the target of “hate speech” charges if he were deported to Canada or Germany. He is the last person on the surface of the earth who would ignore a meeting notice from the INS.

Immigration, OSI and Phony War Crime Cases in 1970s and ’80s

Our immigration service is in the hands of the Zionists. They leave the floodgates open for Latino illegal aliens while making immigration a bureaucratic nightmare for any productive White Christian people from Canada or Europe. During the 1970s, the “Office of Special Investigations” (OSI) manufactured a series of war crimes cases. During the final years of the Soviet Union the OSI specifically went after immigrants from the Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania since any of those immigrants would get a sham trial in the Soviet Union. A number of elderly White men were falsely accused of Nazi war crimes by the OSI after being US citizens for decades. A few were deported to the Soviet Union. Karl Linnas died suspiciously in a Soviet hospital shortly after being sent to the evil empire for a “fair trial”. It is an unspeakable abomination that someone who was an American citizen for 40 years could be thrown into a communist dictatorship for a trial, but this is what the Zionists did to our justice system.

Another victim of the OSI was John Demjanjuk, who was extradited to Israel for trial (even though Israel did not even exist at the time of the alleged crime). Demjanjuk was given the Israeli version of a “fair trial” and sentenced to death. Meanwhile, incontrovertible proof was found that Demjanjuk was not a war criminal (meaning all the Israeli witnesses against Demjanjuk were either wrong or lying). Someone had forged a fake ID card for Demjanjuk. (No attempt was ever made to find the forger even though that forgery nearly got an American executed). Congressman James Trafficant played a key role in demanding the return of John Demjanjuk from Israel. Even after returning Demjanjuk and admitting the whole affair was a “mistake”, the Israelis (unbelievably) made additional attempts to accuse Demjanjuk of being a different war criminal. If at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again.

A Rash of Nazi War Criminals in the News November 2005

Sixty years after World War Two, you’d think the endless Zionist witch hunt against alleged “Nazi war criminals” would be over. Well, guess again. In the last few weeks, no less than four stories of Nazi war criminals have been in the news. A suspicious person might think that someone in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem is making up these Nazi war crime cases and randomly charging any elderly White man, who lived in Europe during World War Two.

To prop up the failing Holocaust story, the Jews have periodically hauled out elderly men who lived in eastern Europe during the World War Two and charged them with war crimes. No one in the mainstream press is brave enough to ask the obvious question “If this man is such a great war criminal, why did you wait 60 years to prosecute him?”

One accused Nazi war criminal has been living in Australia for decades.An article dated Nov. 20th, 2005 notes “Mr Zentai has suffered several cerebral ischaemic attacks, which have left him suffering temporary speech and memory loss.” The Jews amazingly are trying to claim that he is in perfect physical and mental health despite his advanced age and sneeringly deride any attempt to claim that Mr. Zentai is going senile, which is the natural state for most people his age. Other questions that the media won’t ask include: “How much authority could someone have had if he was only a young man in the war?” and “Just how accurate are the eyewitness reports and why didn’t they come out earlier?” The article continues “Four months after Mr Zentai’s arrest, neither his lawyer nor his family knows the extent or exact nature of the case against him because they have been denied access to witness statements and other court documents. ‘I haven’t given up,’ Mr Steiner said. ‘(Dad) was a conscripted soldier who was never a Nazi.’ ” Why can’t the courts in Australia put this case on trial or even examine the evidence?

A second case involves (if he’s still alive) 91 year old Aribert Heim, who comes complete with a scary nickname “Dr. Death.” (So much for innocent until proven guilty.) A recent news article dated Nov. 1st, 2005 reports “An Austrian doctor accused of killing hundreds of inmates at a Nazi concentration camp during World War II has been hiding in Spain for the last 20 years, a Spanish newspaper reported on Sunday. German authorities say they are hunting for Aribert Heim, 91, known as ‘Doctor Death.’ Heim worked in Mauthausen Concentration Camp in Austria and killed hundreds of inmates by lethal injection and torture, according to the Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal Centre, which has also said Heim may be hiding out in Spain.”

As if two articles on Nazi criminals within a few weeks of each other isn’t enough, here’s a third article dated Nov. 7th, 2005 which reports “An 84-year-old Nazi war criminal who eluded prosecution for more than 50 years by posing as a Polish patriot has died in prison, British authorities said Monday… His past was uncovered after a letter to his brother in Poland was intercepted by the KGB in 1951.” So he was accused of war crimes 54 years ago, but the evidence was only taken seriously just now??? This case is especially suspicious. No doubt Jewish pressure was solely responsible for pressing a case that the British did not take seriously in the 1950s.

And here’s a fourth case, where the Hungarian government is obviously being pressured to harass another of its citizens. An article dated Nov. 16th, 2005 reports “Hungary has launched an investigation into the case of a suspected former Nazi collaborator who may have been involved in genocide during the Second World War, authorities said today. Lajos Polgar, who lives in Australia, is accused of criminal actions while a member of the Arrow Cross, the Nazis’ Hungarian allies. The Jerusalem office of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre asked Hungary to investigate Polgar’s wartime activities.”

The 60th Anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials –Reason for the Assault on Free Speech

Why has there been a sudden rush to prosecute ridiculously old men for Nazi war crimes? The 60th anniversary of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal has arrived. The Holocaust story has been part of the Jewish culture for 60 years and the Nuremberg Show Trial was the foundation for that piece of war propaganda. Never mind the fact that the Soviet judge sitting on that tribunal was the same one Stalin appointed for the famous Soviet purge trials of the 1930s. Never mind the fact that the world’s greatest World War Two historian, David Irving says that there were no gas chambers for executing Jews. The Holocaust must be taught as “fact” in public schools and written into the history books for Gentile children to read and to be brainwashed.

The Jews of course are a race, not a religion. Their culture is based heavily on revenge. The more intelligent Zionists should know that these old men being accused of war crimes are innocent. Does anyone seriously believe that the Jews would let an alleged Nazi war criminal escape prosecution for 60 years? But it makes great headlines to announce “A New Nazi War Criminal Found”. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sixpack are impressed by this and made to think that there must be something to the Holocaust story since yet another war criminal has turned up. The newspapers which called John Demjanjuk “Ivan the Terrible” countless times are never going to give as much publicity to his innocence as they did to the false charges against him.

And what better way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Nuremberg trials than to fabricate a few war crimes charges and to persecute a few senile old Europeans all over the world. Apparently jailing or executing someone who is about to die of natural causes isn’t good enough for the Zionists. They needed something special and new for the 60th anniversary. So what did they do? They decided to pull out the stops and to persecute Holocaust critics and a pro-White activist. There’s just nothing as satisfying as punishing Gentiles for speaking the truth.

Revisionists and Pro-White Activist Persecuted November 2005

Ernst Zundel’s trial in Germany is taking place precisely 60 years after the Nuremberg Trial. Germar Rudolph has been ordered deported to face a similar show trial on thought crimes. An Oct. 26th, 2005 news article reports “An Amsterdam court has agreed to extradite Belgian Holocaust denier Siegfried Verbeke to face trial in Germany for claiming the Nazis did not murder six million Jews.” The UN has passed a resolution condemning Holocaust revisionism in yet another surrender to Zionist pressure and intimidation.

In yet another “coincidence” the Zionists in Austria have pressured the government there to prosecute the most famous of all revisionists, David Irving. Austrian authorities arrested Mr. Irving on Nov. 17, 2005 for the thought crime known as Holocaust Denial. Prior to becoming a revisionist, Mr. Irving was the most prolific best selling author of books on the Second World War. He has done more historical research on that era than any other person alive. Not surprisingly, he has publicly stated that there were no mass gassings of Jews during the war.

The Zionists are using the 60th anniversary of the Nuremberg Trial to launch an international war against free speech. Not only are historical revisionists being persecuted, any perceived enemies of the Jews will be attacked. A Swedish prosecutor is demanding that David Duke be prosecuted for alleged hate speech in a recent visit, a crime punishable by up to four years in prison. A Nov. 7th, 2005 article reports “A Swedish prosecutor said Tuesday he has ordered police to investigate whether… David Duke violated the country’s racism laws in speeches to extreme-right groups… Alhem said police would investigate whether Duke can be tried for ‘agitation against an ethnic group,’ a crime punishable in Sweden by up to four years in prison.”

All these prosecutions against elderly Europeans, historical revisionists and pro-White activists represent a world-wide assault by Zionism against the White race. They wish to prop up their failing Holocaust story by framing innocent old men and jailing critics for thought crimes. They also wish to snuff out the pro-White movement, but haven’t figured a way around the First Amendment yet.

This effort by the forces of Zionism will backfire. The Jews and their lackeys are making a maximum effort at this time to persecute revisionists and even the pro-White movement. These enemies have used everything except the despicable civil lawsuit to go after their enemies and it will be only a matter of time before they resort to that tactic too. Their efforts however are doomed to fail.

Millions of people will begin to wonder what all the fuss over the Holocaust is about. Many will begin to search the Internet looking for the other side of the story. The arguments against the Holocaust are convincing, highly articulate and have grown in number over the years. The Jews only seem to respond with an iron fist of oppression. The Jews have turned down countless opportunities to debate revisionists in public, secretly acknowledging that they can’t win a free and open debate. It is long past time for the Holocaust story to die. This great historical lie can’t be saved by sending innocent men to jail or by staging new show trials on the 60th anniversary of the most evil show trial of the last century.