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    Predefinito Islam the religion of peace

    Today It's the Gun and the Qur'an (Koran)...
    Tomorrow It Will Be Nukes and the Qur'an

    What an oxymoron! Since when IS barbarism called civilization?
    Islam is an anti-civilization cult par excellence. It destroyed every
    civilization it touched
    and brought misery, poverty, ignorance and war in every country that
    it invaded!

    There are many trouble spots around the world, but as a general rule,
    it's easy to make an educated guess at one of the participants:
    Muslims vs. Jews in "Palestine," Muslims vs. Hindus in Kashmir,
    Muslims vs. Christians in Africa, Muslims vs. Buddhists in Thailand,
    Muslims vs. Russians in the Caucasus, etc...
    ISLAM: "Religion of Peace?"

    1.4 BILLION Muslims in the World
    280 Million Americans
    5½ Million Israelis Surrounded by 350 Million Arab Muslims!!!

    The world population of Christians increased by 47%
    The world population of Buddhists increased by 63%
    The world population of Muslims increased by 235%
    Intermarriage, the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the Nazi
    Holocaust, pogroms
    and over 100 years of unrelenting Arab/Islamic terrorism have taken
    its toll.
    The State of Israel is the Jewish Peoples' last reservoir and
    stronghold against
    the end of a five thousand year history! Sadly, over the last fifty
    the world Jewish population has DECREASED by 4%


    THE SPREAD OF ISLAM: Islam is the fastest growing religion in the
    world. Islam, Palestine, Moslem, Muslim, israel, israeli, israeli
    occupation, Intifada, Palestinian Intifada, Jihad, Holy War, Koran,
    Holy Koran, Middle East, Middle East Peace, Peace Process, Middle
    East Conflict, Arab, Israeli, Israel, Jews, bin Laden, Osama bin Laden

    While the world fixates on its usual obsession... setting up Jews
    for a second Holocaust, Islam is also hard at work laying waste to
    major portions of the world and preparing to impose Islamic rule over
    everybody and extinguishing their respective non-Islamic
    "Are you nuts," you might ask? " After all, is not Israel their
    primary enemy?" But to think that all Islamic issues spring forth
    from the Arab-Israeli conflict and that only Israel is a target shows
    a naivety that only invites disaster down the road! After Islam
    finishes off Israel, their "Little Satan," all the other larger
    Satans will meet up with the Sword of Islam! America has already
    seen the spillover of Islamic terrorism... the bombing of the U.S.
    Embassy in Beirut with the loss of hundreds of U.S. marines, the
    bombing of the U.S.S. Cole naval ship off Yemen and now the 9-11-01
    World Trade Center bombing in New York. Yet America has received but
    a small taste of what Islam has in store for them!

    The world "ISLAM" is Arabic for "surrender" or "submission" to the
    will of Allah [God]. In the language of the Holy Qur'an, Islam means
    the readiness of a person to take orders from God and to follow them
    through. It is not derived from the word, "peace," as Muslims would
    have us believe! Look it up in any dictionary and see for yourself!
    Seeing a Muslim praying nearly flat on his face five times a day even
    projects the appearance of a master-slave relationship... a
    submission of sorts. And while the Muslim is submissive to Allah,
    all "non-believers" (Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Catholics, etc.)
    MUST submit to the Muslim. That's how THEIR God wills it to be!

    ISLAM: "Religion of Peace?"

    Islam is today being portrayed as a peaceful and tolerant religion.
    History proves otherwise! Though there were certainly periods of
    relative tranquility and tolerance, minorities and non-Muslims have
    always been prosecuted under Islam. In fact, Islamic ideology is
    based upon an intense hatred of the non-Muslim. For Muslims, there
    exist two kinds of non-Muslim enemies... kafir (non-believers in
    Islam) and ahl al-kitab (People of the Book). Kafir, such as
    Buddhists and Hindus, must either convert to Islam or face
    execution. People of the Book include Jews and Christians. These
    people need only submit to Muslim authority to avoid forced
    conversion or death. Although they may keep their original faith,
    their status becomes dhimmi (a "protected," yet inferior non-Muslim
    status). So instead of outright forced conversion or slaughter, the
    Christians and Jews would be allowed to remain somewhat unmolested as
    long as they acknowledged the superiority of the Muslim. However,
    as 100,000 dead Lebanese Christians and Israel's beleaguered Jewish
    population have discovered over the years, these guarantees have
    proved worthless!

    ISLAM: "Religion of Peace?"

    The Holy Qur'an (the "Bible" of Islam) was inspired by Mohammed. No
    one knows his last name because Mohammed could neither read nor
    write. But one thing is for certain. Whoever wrote this sick
    collection of madness must have had his brain baking far too long in
    the hot desert sun of Arabia! The name "Mohammed means "Highly
    Praised" [or was he "Highly Crazed"].

    In effect, Islam remains a religion of the Dark Ages. It is the most
    violent and intolerant faith that has ever been presented to
    mankind! A prima facie example of the insanity found within the
    Qur'an is the fascist, warlike notion of "Jihad," or "Holy War."
    Apologists for Islam say "Jihad" is one personal struggle to obtain a
    higher moral standard. But what it really represents is a violent
    military action (even terrorism) against the non-Muslim. If you don't
    quite believe this, visit Ground Zero where New York City's World
    Trade Center once stood!

    For a clear explanation of what Jihad really is, click HERE


    Until a nation has embraced Islam, it is legally considered a
    battlefield (Dar-ul-Harb). Once it has converted to Islam (or all
    its citizens have been slaughtered or driven out), it then becomes a
    Land of Peace (Dar-us-Salaam). For those who think that the threat
    of Islam is only a phenomenon of the Middle East, think again!
    Although the Jewish State of Israel has been fighting a brave and
    fierce battle against Islam for over 50 years, there are many
    other "hot spots" in the world.

    For example, the supreme Taliban's hard line leader in Afghanistan,
    Mullah Mohammed Omar, issued an edict that Buddhist statues insulted
    Islam. Apparently no one clued in Mullah Mohammed Omar that Islam is
    an insult to humanity! In any event, within days of his edict, all
    Buddhist statues, including a giant 5th century Buddha at Bamiyan
    carved out of sandstone (see photos), were destroyed as
    the "civilized" world could only stand by and watch it happen.

    ISLAM: "Religion of Peace?"

    Unfortunately, most people aren't aware of Islam's murderous
    philosophy or they find it too monstrous to believe. However, a brief
    review of recent history and current events should make you doubters
    out there re-think your position. Two articles in the L.A. Times
    wrote about Muslims in Indonesia forcing Christians of all
    denominations to convert to Islam or get their throats slit.
    Thousands upon thousands of Christians were first converted and,
    according to rigid Islamic religious dictate, forced to undergo
    sexual mutilation of their foreskin or clitoris (with kitchen knives
    and razor blades) to make them conform to Muslim standards. Then
    they were are enslaved to their local Muslim chieftain. This was not
    some aberration of Islam but rather business as usual for all but the
    so-called "moderate" factions. This is Islam's sad legacy of murder,
    terror, lies and brainwashing to advance their cause of global
    conversion and subjugation... their so-called "personal struggle"...
    THEIR "Jihad!"

    ISLAM: "Religion of Peace?"

    Other examples: Algeria is wracked by bitter fighting between Islamic
    Fundamentalists and the military. Death toll, 100,000 over a ten year
    period! Nigeria is in the midst of a war in which Muslims are
    murdering Christians and burning down their churches. Moslems against
    Christians. It doesn't take much to trigger an angry mob of Muslims.
    The Miss Universe Pageant was help there at the end of 2002. Muslim
    opposition to the pageant boiled over after a local journalist wrote
    that the prophet Mohammed would have approved of the contest and
    might even have wanted to marry one of the contestants. The ensuing
    riots in Kaduna left 220 dead and 400 wounded. In Kenya the Islamic
    Party has declared Holy War on the government. In Turkey the secular
    Muslim government is being challenged by the militant Refah Islamic
    Party. A civil war rages in the Sudan between Muslims in the north
    against the Christians in the south. Sudan's militant Muslim regime
    is slaughtering Christians who refuse to convert to Islam. In recent
    years, more than two million Sudanese have been killed out of a
    population of 35 million as its government used bombings and famine
    in its war on its own people. Read this shocking June 2, 2004 World
    Net Daily article.

    A war also raged between Muslim Eritrea and Christian Ethiopia. The
    result of fighting between Muslim Azerbaijans and Christian Armenians
    was 35,000 casualties. Armenia was shrunk because of
    territory "gained" by the "breeding-with-a- vengeance" Muslims
    population. Serbian Moslems looted Christian treasures in the
    process of destroying 107 churches and monasteries, both ancient and
    modern. In the former Soviet Union, breakaway Muslim republics (and
    their 55 million Muslims)... Chechnya (click HERE), Daghestan,
    Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan... have sparked insurrection
    against Orthodox Russian regimes and by the year 2050, Russia will be
    forced out of Central Asia by Islamic invaders from without AND
    within (Muslims have a birth rate 5 times that of non-Muslim
    Russians). The Great Russian Bear will be driven into permanent

    Will non-Islamic nations be forced to build a "Giant Wall" as China
    did to keep out the Islamicized Monguls? Will the electronically-
    enhanced, concrete wall the Israeli I.D.F. recently erected keep out
    the Arab-Palestinian terrorists?

    ISLAM: "Religion of Peace?"

    Ten thousand Lebanese Christians were massacred in 1860s, while over
    100,000 were killed in the Lebanese civil war of 1975-1990. Thousands
    of women were raped. That war was provoked by Yasser Arafat's PLO.
    Damour was once a thriving Christian Lebanese village until 500
    (primarily young boys) were massacred and its population was
    expelled. This sort of violence and intolerance symbolizes treatment
    of Christians by Muslims in the Middle East. And, instead of an
    international arrest warrant Arafat received a Nobel Peace Prize!

    Even non-Muslim Christians under Palestinian-controlled areas ["West
    Bank" and Gaza] are not faring so well. Bethlehem was 70 percent
    Christian in the 1970s. Today it is close to 70 percent Muslim. The
    growing Islamization of Palestinian society makes Christians very
    uncomfortable. The size of the Christian Arab community in the West
    Bank may have fallen as low as 10,000, a drop of 50 percent since the

    "Holy Land: Christians in Peril" ... $19.90
    Order Online Or call Toll-Free 1-800-496-3266

    Why have two million Christians fled the Middle East in the last
    twenty years? One of the most important aspects of the Israeli-
    "Palestinian" conflict that has been overlooked is the plight of
    Christians in the Holy Land. Christians in the "Palestinian"
    territories have dropped from 15% of the Arab population to just 2%
    today! This Christian exodus is a result of many factors, including
    the fighting between Israelis and "Palestinians," the related decline
    in the economy, but perhaps most significantly, the religious
    persecution these Christians encounter from their Arab Muslim
    neighbors. This film is a documentary containing interviews with
    Christians as well as exclusive footage showing how dangerous their
    situation is under Islamic rule.

    Continuing on... Uighur Muslim separatist terrorists are active in
    Western China's Xinjiang Province. The Philippines is nearly 95%
    Catholic/Christian yet the Muslim rebel group called Abu Sayyaf
    ("Bearer of the Sword") have aligned with bin Laden's al Qaeda and
    want their own independent Islamic Nation. Kidnapping for ransom is
    so common here that the Philippines has often been described as the
    kidnapping capital of the world! War rages between Indonesian
    Muslims and the Christians in East Timor. Malaysia is a time-bomb
    ready to explode between Muslims and the minority Chinese and Indian

    Indonesia is composed of seventeen thousand islands that stretch over
    five thousand miles along the equator. Most are Muslims but there are
    substantial Christian, Hindu and Buddhist minorities. Christian
    churches were almost wiped out in a single weekend in Indonesia. One
    of Indonesia's islands is Bali. Most of Bali's 3 million inhabitants
    are Hindu and hundreds of Hindu temples are part of its scenic
    beauty. Unlike other parts of Indonesia, Bali has maintained a
    relaxed, tolerant lifestyle, immune from the strife wracking the
    country in recent years. Hundreds of thousands of annual vacationers
    flock to Bali's luxury resorts and black beaches. They may no
    longer! On October 12, 2002 deadly explosions ripped through two
    popular nightclubs in the Kuta Beach area on Bali island, Indonesia,
    a destination popular with international tourists. The death toll
    from the bombings -- most recently confirmed at 187 -- is expected to
    rise as authorities believe there are still more than 200 people
    unaccounted for. Many of them are Australian holidaymakers. The scent
    of C4 explosives (similar to that used to blow up Israelis!) was
    everywhere which leads one to conclude that Muslim/Islamic terrorists
    had a hand in this... specifically, the Jemaah Islamiah group.

    Islamic terror comes to India's streets and the new terrorists are
    not preoccupied with the "liberation" of Kashmir from India, their
    objective is a wider jihad aimed at changing India into an Islamic
    State. Yes, the Hindus in India have met the Sword of Islam and even
    burnt alive for refusing to accept Islam. Estimates go as high as a
    Muslim kill rate of 80,000,000 in Greater India! With 200 million
    Muslims being 20% of India's population, civil war can break out any
    time. It's even worse in Israel where Israeli Arabs number 23% of the
    Jewish State's population! See The Cancer Within.

    Islamists in the 83 % Muslim country of Bangladesh aspire to
    establish a true "Islamic Republic" much like Afghanistan under the
    Taliban. Meanwhile, [according to The Nation magazine] members of
    minority religions have suffered from ghastly violence, including
    collective terror. Some Buddhists and Christians were blinded, had
    fingers cut off or had hands amputated, while others had iron rods
    nailed through their legs or abdomen. Women and children have been
    gang-raped, often in front of their fathers or husbands. Pakistani
    Muslim soldiers raped a quarter of a million Bangali women in 1971
    after they massacred 3 million unarmed civilians. This atrocity is
    not considered a sin in Islam, because the religious leader of the
    soldiers decreed that Bangladeshis were infidels. In addition,
    hundreds of temples were desecrated and statues destroyed; thousands
    of homes and businesses looted or burned. As for Hindus, the human
    rights organization Freedom House reports they have been subject
    to "rape, torture and killing and the destruction of their cultural
    and religious identity at the hands of Muslims." In one indicative
    step, Islamists sometimes force Hindu women to dress in the Islamist

    Colonel Khaddafy and his Libyan army have carried out numerous
    military excursions into neighboring Chad. Even Egypt's Christian
    Coptic community (less than 10% of the population) walks a fine line
    between tolerance and oppression.

    ISLAM: "Religion of Peace?"

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    Predefinito Soldati di Cristo

    Date un occhiata a questo sito:

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    Sebbene l'articolo risulti discretamente interessante ed a tratti convincente non vi sembra che sottovaluti le congiunture economico sociali degli eventi considerati? Bisogna ricordare, come diceva Marx, che la storia si muove su basi politico-sociologiche(materialismo storico)...
    Teoria che, parlando di questi argomenti, mi sembra che abbia una maggiore validita' di cio' che sembra quasi un idealismo crociano...

    L'Islam in se non puo' piu' essere considerato IL NEMICO...
    E' tempo di riporre la spada.

    Non nobis domine sed tuo nomini da gloriam

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    Cio' che invito a fare e' una connessione tra l'insorgere di faide religiose, o dell'integralismo religioso violento e armato, con la realta' sociale a cui esso si accompagna.
    Osservando molti nomi dei paesi sopracitati si noti come molti di essi sono al di sotto della soglia di poverta' o, comunque, in via di sviluppo.
    Ritengo,quindi, che un tessuto sociale diciamo "povero" (anche se non e' proprio la parola adatta ma spero mi perdonerete per questo) favorisca l'insorgere di manifestazioni violente che spesso e volentieri si accompagnano a bandiere religiose...
    La religione spesso propone vie di salvezza ed e' chiaro che un qualsiasi tipo di predicatore si troverebbe avvantaggiato con un uditorio pronto...
    Il vero DIALOGO interreligioso non e' iniziato da molto con l'Islam, in se, e l'unica cosa di cui possiamo accusarlo e di portare avnti un'antiquata visione di scontro di civilta' che noi abbiamo, in PARTE, superato.

    Alla fine sono tutte riflessioni personali... Voi che ne pensate???

    non nobis domine sed tuo nomini da gloriam

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    Predefinito ancora sull'islam

    Carissimo Bernardus se riesci a procurarti l'articolo di cui ho parlato sul nostro Sambi, rappresenta un punto di vista molto autorevole.

    Alla domanda: Quale parte della civiltà che non crede nella vita?
    "Quella occidentale, che lascia crescere nel suo interno diversi
    elementi di civiltà della morte. I musulmani credono nella vita. Hanno
    una proliferazione enorme.Le riferisco una frase che mi ha detto uno
    di loro "Noi vi occuperemo con le nostre leggi? No, noi vi occuperemo
    con le vostre leggi e poi vi sottometteremo con le nostre".

    Tutta l'intervista a pag. 6 della Stampa di ieri.

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    Potresti postarmi l'articolo oppure un link dove posso trovarlo?Ho cercato un pò in giro ma le mie ricerche hanno dato pochi frutti...
    Comunque non metto in dubbio la PRESENZA di una simile concezione in frangie radicali(quanto poi siano numerose quest'ultime il discorso rimane aperto) ma non ritengo che ciò sia riferibile all'intero mondo islamico...

    Bisogna ricordare che gli stessi cristiani portavano avanti un opera di evangelizzazione su cui potremmo parlare a lungo:A partire dalle persecuzioni in britannia e Gallia miranti ad eliminare i culti druidici a la stessa opera dei nostri cavalieri(il Tempio) criticata da autori quali Isacco d'Etoliè che aspramente criticava il loro agire contro gli infedeli(suppongo non durante gli scontri regolari)... per non dimenticare gli Indios americani ed altre manifestazioni vioente della nostra religione.

    Allora noi agivamo in virtù di una consapevole superiorità bellica o, comuque, in situazione di quasi parità... Loro in virtù di una attuale e manifesta inferiorità(bellica naturalmente) agiscono cercando in parte di soverchiarci dall'interno ed in parte attaccandoci dall'esterno (con il terrorismo). Contemporaneamente si attua un interessante azione di sincretismo cultuirale che lega all'occidente le fasce meno estremiste...

    Come la vicenda si evolverà penso sia difficile dirlo e tuttavia basta vedere il rafforzarsi di gruppi come i FRATELLI MUSSULMANI in egitto ed Hezbolla in LIbano nonchè la radicalizzazione di alcune frangie moderate in occidente per capire che un attegiamento apertamente ostile e bellicoso rafforza soltanto i nostri avversari.

    Se l'occidente fosse visto come vero salvatore dalla miseria e non come portatore di morte e disordini(escludendo la vicenda dei Taliban subito sostituiti da una già esistente parte avversa politicamente stabile) forse le cose migliorerebbero... intanto mi sembra di fondamentale importanza l'ultima risoluzione ONU che potrebbe avere il risultato di almeno decrescere il dilagante e crescente favore del mondo arabo ad Hezbolla. CI MANCANO SOLO ALTRI MARTIRI.

    Naturalmente molte di queste sono idee personali che tuttavia porto alla tua attenzinone, nobilis frater(se non discutessimo dove andremmo a finire???)

    non nobis domine sed tuo nomine da gloriam
    ps:ma gli altri dove sono andati a finire?

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    Predefinito sulla radicalizzazione islamica

    Caro Bernardus posterò sul nostro forum l'intero articolo dell'intervista a Sambi ( visto che non ancora è stata messa in rete, riguardo alle tue considerazioni volesse il cielo che fosse veramente così come tu affermi. Ma una domanda, hai mai parlato con un islamico? Gli hai mai chiesto quali sono le loro intenzioni, vedrai che anche il più reticente, se ben stimolato, ti darà sempre la stessa risposta: il fatto è (e forse non si sbagliano come dice Sambi) che la loro etica è superiore alla nostra! L'idea del grande califfato pervade latente tutto il mondo islamico. E' come un loro sogno ancestrale che Lepanto e Vienna hanno, ingiustamente a loro modo di vedere, defraudato proprio all'apice dell'espansionismo islamico. Cosa è cambiato dal 622 d.C. ad oggi nel mondo islamico? Le leggi? Il modo di vita? La cultura? L'atteggiamento aggressivo? Credo che siamo di fronte all'ennesimo tentativo di invasione moresca, per adesso pacifico, sopito dalla pseudoverità della ricerca di condizioni di vita migliori e di un lavoro soddisfacente: tuttavia non c'è integrazione, non cercano l'integrazione!

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    07 Jul 2006
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    Predefinito Dacci oggi il nostro burqa quotidiano

    Violenze e abusi perché «non si comportava da brava donna islamica»
    Non portava il velo e la maltrattava: arrestato
    Una nordafricana di 31 anni residente a Prato ha denunciato ai carabinieri il convivente, un tunisino, con cui ha avuto una bimba

    PRATO - È stata maltrattata per anni dal convivente perché non portava il velo e non si comportava da brava donna islamica. La protagonista della vicenda, una nordafricana di 31 anni residente a Prato, ha però trovato il coraggio di reagire e di denunciare i fatti ai carabinieri, che hanno arrestato il suo compagno, un 38enne tunisino, padre della loro bimba di tre anni. Secondo quanto riferito dalla nordafricana agli inquirenti, le violenze, sfociate negli ultimi mesi anche in abusi sessuali, sono cominciate quattro anni fa quando il suo compagno, un tunisino di 38 anni, aveva iniziato a fare uso di droghe e a eccedere con l'alcol, nonostante pretendesse dalla sua compagna il rispetto delle norme dell'Islam. A conferma della versione fornita dalla nordafricana agli inquirenti, ci sarebbero anche alcune testimonianze, oltre a certificati medici e di ricovero in ospedale.

    23 agosto 2006

    (continua domani, domani l'altro, domani l'altro ancora...)

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    Caro fratello, è possibole che il riflettere mi abbia ottenebrato la mente...
    Ti ringrazio per l'articolo e lo attendo con trepidazione. Intanto vedrò di prendere alcuni contatti giusto per una prova su campo.Comunque ti farò sapere...

    Riguardo all'articolo di sopra non ti sembra che la religione abbia poca rilevanza dopotutto?
    cominciate quattro anni fa quando il suo compagno, un tunisino di 38 anni, aveva iniziato a fare uso di droghe e a eccedere con l'alcol

    La violenza avrebbe avuto luogo per un altro motivo in assenza di tale presunto fervore religioso che poco si confa al personaggio per giunta...

    Un grazie a Presidium Templi per le preziose informazioni che poterà...
    Non nobis domine sed tuo nomine da gloriam

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    29 Aug 2006
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    Sarà un dato di fatto ma il 100% delle crisi in atto vedono i Musulmani come parte in causa. Coincidenza?
    L'Islam (pace) non è religione di pace checchè ne dicano i buonisti e gli islamici: la colpa non è del credo ma deglio uomini.


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