Ho trovato per caso un sito interessante www.overlordsofchaos.com e fra le sezioni ce n'è una ove si parla di Nuovo Ordine Mondiale , è presente un paragrafo che riprende le analisi di Anthony Sutton ex professore di Economia alla California State University di LA , Sutton sostiene in parole povere che la macchina bellica e industriale sovietica venne costruita dalle multinazioni occidentali , spesso finanziate pubblicamente col denaro dei contribuenti....

vado ad incollare alcune frasi significative , tutto il pezzo è disponibile QUI a circa metà pagina.

Sutton suggest that Western corporations using Western technology and Western capital but predominantly US taxpayers' monies, had created the entire Soviet military-industrial complex. In fact, the West, especially the US, has channelled billons of dollars into Soviet Russia.

the so-called "Cold War" was a myth perpetuated to keep the masses in a state of fear as well as providing the wherewithal to extract grotesque amounts of taxpayers monies for "military purposes.

The Soviets have the largest merchant marine in the world — about 6,000 ships. I have the specifications for each ship. About two-thirds were built outside the Soviet Union. About four-fifths of the engines for these ships were also built outside the Soviet Union. There are no ship engines of Soviet design. Those built inside the USSR are built with foreign technical assistance.

Dean Rusk and Wait Rostow told Congress and the American public this was peaceful trade — the FIAT plant could not produce military vehicles…. Any automobile manufacturing plant can produce military vehicles … The term "FIAT deal" is misleading. FIAT in Italy doesn't make automobile manufacturing equipment — FIAT plants in Italy have US equipment. FIAT did send 1,000 men to Russia for erection of the plant — but over half, perhaps well over half, of the equipment came from the United States.

You can't stoke up the Soviet military machine at one end and then complain that the other end came back and bit you. tune …. Let me summarize my conclusions:
One: trade with the USSR was started over 50 years ago under President Woodrow Wilson with the declared intention of mellowing the Bolsheviks. The policy has been a total and costly failure. It has proven to be impractical — this is what I would expect from an immoral policy.
Two: we have built ourselves an enemy. We keep that self-declared enemy in business. This information has been blacked out by successive Administrations. Misleading and untruthful statements have been made by the Executive Branch to Congress and the American people.
Three: our policy of subsidizing self-declared enemies is neither rational nor moral. I have drawn attention to the intellectual myopia of the group that influences and draws up foreign policy. I suggest these policies have no authority.
Four: the annual attacks in Vietnam and the war in the Middle East were made possible only by Russian armaments and our past assistance to the Soviets.
Five: this worldwide Soviet activity is consistent with Communist theory. Mikhail Suslov, the party theoretician, recently stated that the current detente with the United States is temporary. The purpose of the detente, according to Suslov, is to give the Soviets sufficient strength for a renewed assault on the West. In other words, when you've finished building the Kama plant and the trucks come rolling off — watch out for another Vietnam.
Six: internal Soviet repression continues — against Baptists, against Jews, against national groups and against dissident academics.
Seven: Soviet technical dependence is a powerful instrument for world peace if we want to use it.