To the attention of Mr. Jordi Pujol
Presidente Fondator de Convergencia i Unió

And, for information,

to Mr. Artur Mas
Presidente de Convergencia i Unió

to Mr. Josep A. Duran i Lleida
Segretario Jenerŕl de Convergencia i Unió

to Mr. Patrik Riondato
Presidente de I VENETI


Treviso - Venetia, 19th of September 2007

Dear Mr Jordi Pujol,

I’m one of the founders of a recent Venetian political movement: “VENETI”, also known as “I VENETI”, or “Venetians in movement for the indipendence of Venetia”. We pursue our aim of Venetian Self-determination and political independence in a democratic way and refusing any kind of violence. By now, we haven’t yet partecipated in any election, first of all because we’re bulding a large network of militants.

I must let you know that in these days, in Venetia, a land subjected to Italy (its most famous city and Capital is Venice), in which a great majority of the People (77%) speaks their mother tongue (Venetian language), are coming out many and great discouragements because of the news you have met Mr. Gianfranco Fini.

Maybe you don’t know the political resume of Mr. Fini and his ideological closeness with Mr. Francisco Franco.

Dear Mr. Pujol, We, the Venetians, have a great admiration for your historical role in the process of Catalan autonomy and self-determination. We also see a natural friendship in our Peoples: the Catalans and the Venetians. We’ve been also allied in many historical phases.

You know, italian political situation is dramatic: italy is estimated as the 79th state in the world as freedom of the press by the only one in western Europe with a partly free press…In the mean time, political privileges and influence on every aspect of life is pervasive and with strong ties also with organized crime.

Our path is not easy from this point of view. But Venetian People has still luckily many strengths, not only a a good economy: a language that is still spoken by the three quarters of its population, history (think only of the golden age of the millenary Most Serene Republic of Venice), culture and a strong will of self-determination.

Maybe you know that the Generalitat de Catalunya recently helped our Venetian Cause and sponsored the “Festa dei Veneti”, held in the last 7th-8th-9th of September in Cittadella (PD). This is a yearly Venetian happening, organized by a young and successful Venetian cultural association, which has a crystal-clear non-political nature. Maybe you didn’t like the presence of Mr. Miquel Bofill (member of ERC) at that event. But I hope that a possible home political situation of disagreement of CiU with ERC can’t influence the recognisement of the Cause of a Stateless Nation: Venetia.

We would like to establish a reciprocal political knowledge. We know in the past other Venetian political organizations acted very foolishly in international relationships, maybe also with your party. We apologize for this. Anyway, we’re asking your attention to the Venetian Cause, because we see your great experience as a heritage for we all.

We think a meeting could be of great help each other, for the reciprocal political objectives of Venetian and Catalan Peoples.

Kind regards,

Yours sincerely

Gianluca Busato
[email protected]