Su Bloomberg un bell’articolo che confronta Greenspan con il suo predecessore, Paul Volcker.
Greenspan’s curriculum vitae includes two asset bubbles (one in Internet and technology stocks in the late 1990s, another in residential real estate), a pair of banking crises, a boatload of fraudulent lending he chose to ignore, and a household savings rate of zero.

Volcker is content to let his record speak for itself: He inherited inflation of almost 15 percent and bequeathed a rate of 4 percent to posterity. It took two recessions to get there, but he did the heavy lifting on inflation.

Greenspan is desperate to deflect the blame for a credit crisis he called “the most wrenching” in 50 years. He can write his autobiography, which he did last year, but he can’t write his epitaph. We, the public, will do that.

Sul Wall Stree Journal hanno poi fatto eco le parole di Volcker, pronunciate in un discorso all’Economic Club of New York, circa all’operato di Bernanke.
“The Federal Reserve judged it necessary to take actions that extended to the very edge of its lawful and implied power, transcending certain long embedded central banking principles and practices,” Volcker said, according to a copy of his speech. Actions taken by the Fed “will surely be interpreted as an implied promise of similar action in times of future turmoil.”

“The bright new financial system, for all its talented participants, for all its rich rewards, has failed the test of the market place,” Volcker said. Meanwhile, the nation as a whole “became addicted to spending and consuming beyond its capacity to produce.”
Parole sante.
Il video si puo trovare su Bloomber a questo link (cliccare in alto a destra)