Finalmente su youtube xe sta meso su el documentario "copème" girà ntel 1997 pena dopo el canpani£e.
Pai boce ke i xe masa xoveni, el xe on documentario vegnù fora su Rai3 (modifegà da l'orixina£e, fra£altro).

Video 1
The movement for independence in Veneto, including the growing awareness of a pervasive, clearly defined and ancient identity of its inhabitants until today, photographed in a 30 min. documentary shot in 1997 by Carlo Pizzati

Video 2
Scenes from a 1997 documentary on the independence movement in Veneto with workers, mechanics, clercks and dentists talking about what Veneto culture and identity means to them. By Carlo Pizzati

Video 3
Two interviews from 1997 documentary about the independence movement and identity awareness in Veneto with late author Flaminio De Poli and activist Mauro Campigotto. By Carlo Pizzati

I video se pol vardarli anca al'interno dela programasion dela web tv del Partito Nasional Veneto