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    Predefinito Al Manar Television: After 32 years Grief for Imam Sadr's Disappearance in Libya

    After 32 Years, Grief for Imam Sadr’s Disappearance in Libya Lingers On
    Mohamad Shmaysani Readers Number : 616

    31/08/2010 The son of kidnapped Imam Musaa Sadr has said his father and his companions are still alive in Libyan jails. “Imam Sadr, Sheikh Mohammed Yaaqoub and journalist Abbas Badreddine are still alive and are being held captive by Gadhafi,” Sadreddine Sadr told the state-run National News Agency (NNA) in an exclusive interview on Monday.
    Sadr said that Moammar Gadhafi had claimed that the three men left Tripoli for Rome “but Italian judicial authorities and Lebanese investigations and a lot of other information have proved that they did not leave Libya.”
    Sadr held the Lebanese judicial authorities responsible for negligence in Ima Sadr’s case.

    The 31st of August of every year, marks the date of the 1978 kidnapping of Imam Sayyed Mussa Sadr in Libya. 32 years after his abduction, the Imam is still regarded as one of the most prominent Muslim Shiite figures who sought to apply the message of religion in real life. He adopted the causes of the oppressed and the poor. Imam Sadr was also among the religious figures who contributed in launching the Islamic-Christian dialogue in Lebanon, at a time civil war was devastating this country. The Imam did not have any ties with Libya or its rulers, however he decided to visit Tripoli in the wake of the 1978 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, as part of a tour of Arab countries to rally support and prepare for an Arab summit over the invasion.

    Then Algerian President Hawari Boumedian, suggested that the Imam visits Libya for that purpose as Moammar Ghaddafi was a key player in the course of the political and military situation in Lebanon. Imam Sadr left Beirut's international airport for an official visit to meet Ghaddafi in Tripoli on the 25th of August 1978, accompanied by Sheikh Yaacoub and Badreddine.

    According to reports, the trio stayed in the "Shate' Hotel" in Tripoli, however the Imam's visit was not mentioned in Libyan media and every contact with him was cut. Witnesses said that they saw the Imam and his two companions leave the hotel in an official convoy on the 31st of August, the date set for their meeting with Ghaddafi.

    The Libyan president however denied the meeting ever took place, even though reports said that he confirmed the date was set on the 31st of August at 1:00pm.
    But on August 31, 2002, Gadhafi admitted that Imam Sadr and his companions “entered Libya upon the invitation of government officials and disappeared there,” Sadreddine Sadr, the Imam’s son, told NNA on Monday.

    Imam Sadr and his companions disappeared and they were never heard of until this very day. Libyan authorities claimed that Sadr, Yaacoub and Badreddine had left Tripoli for Rome, as Ghaddafi refrained from addressing the issue with then Lebanese president Elias Sarkis. An investigative panel was formed to carry out a fact finding mission in Tripoli and Rome, but Libya refused to receive the panel.

    Investigators concluded that Imam Sadr and his companions had never left Libya and did not check into Italy.

    Rome conducted two rounds of investigations into the case and authorities confirmed that Libyan claims were baseless.

    On the 30th of August 2001, Amnesty International issued its first report on the disappearance of Imam Sadr and his companions and stressed allegations that they had left Tripoli contradict the outcome of the Italian investigation. In Lebanon, authorities denounced the disappearance of the Imam and his companions as a crime against the state's internal security and took legal action. Legal action has not yielded results as hopes for Imam Sadr and his companion’s return after 32 years of abduction are going dim.

    Imam Sadr was born in the holy city Qom, Iran in 1928 to the well-known Sadr family of theologians. His father was Ayatollah Sadr al-Din al-Sadr, while Ayatollah Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr was his cousin. He attended his primary school in his hometown and then moved to the Iranian capital Tehran where he received in 1956 a degree in Islamic Jurisprudence and Political Sciences from Tehran University. He then moved back to Qom to study theology and then to Najaf to be Ayatollah Sayed Muhsin al-Hakim and Ayatollah Sayyed Abul Qasim Khou'i’s pupil.

    The Sadr family is originally from Lebanon, and in 1960 Musa al-Sadr accepted an invitation to become the leading Muslim Shi'ite figure in the Lebanese southern city of Tyre. He was a vocal opponent of Israel and an advocate of the Palestinian cause.

    In 1969 he was appointed as the first head of the “Supreme Islamic Shi'ite Council,” an entity meant to give the decades-long oppressed Shi'ites more say in politics and decision making.
    In 1974 he founded the “Movement of the Deprived” to press for better economic and social conditions for the Shi'ites.
    He established a number of schools and medical clinics throughout southern Lebanon, many of which are still operating today.

    Imam Sadr was also the founder of the first armed resistance in Lebanon against the Israeli occupation, under the name Lebanese Resistance Brigades Movement, Arabic for Amal Movement.

    Al-ManarTV:: After 32 Years, Grief for Imam Sadr’s Disappearance in Libya Lingers On 31/08/2010

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    Predefinito Rif: Al Manar Television: After 32 years Grief for Imam Sadr's Disappearance in Libya

    Speaker Berri Calls for Boycott of Any Meeting Held in Libya
    Readers Number : 161

    31/08/2010 Lebanon’s Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri called on Monday for a total boycott at every level of any Arab or international parliamentary or government meeting being held in Libya.

    Berri was speaking while commemorating the 32nd anniversary of the disappearance of Imam Moussa Sadr through a ceremony held by his AMAL movement in the southern town of Tyre.

    “Imam Sadr and his two companions are in Libya,” Berri said, stressing that their case will remain open until their return. “Imam Sadr’s issue cannot be closed neither can we acquit the Libyan regime of responsibility, even if it gained international cover,” he pointed out. “Isn’t it time for criminals to face the truth?” he wondered.

    On the national level, Berri called for raising Imam Sadr’s case on all levels, up to that of the UN. He pointed to the decision of the magistrate in Lebanon that found the Libyan regime complicit in Imam Sadr’s disappearance. “We managed to transfer Sadr’s case to the judicial council in Lebanon, and today we request a verdict.”

    Lebanon’s Speaker, meanwhile, said he rejects attempts to deem Shiites as “rebels against the Lebanese regime and that their weapons are a threat to the State.”

    Berri called on the Lebanese judiciary to form a complete file on Israel’s crimes in Lebanon and submit it to the international justice, as well as to launch an investigation based on the information presented by Hezbollah pertaining to the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri’s case. He said that the Lebanese judiciary is required to investigate the issue of the false witnesses who gave false testimony to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL).

    The Speaker expressed belief there is no need for money to ensure the power supply in Lebanon, as there are plenty of states like Iran, Korea and Russia that are willing to supply us with electricity.

    While reiterating that the Resistance is a Lebanese need and necessity, Berri renewed Lebanon’s commitment to UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

    Al-ManarTV:: Speaker Berri Calls for Boycott of Any Meeting Held in Libya 31/08/2010

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    Predefinito Rif: Al Manar Television: After 32 years Grief for Imam Sadr's Disappearance in Libya

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