non sapevo dove postare questa cosa...
in realtà l'ispirazione è la canzone di Tom Waits "Chocolate Jesus", di cui però vi posto la versione di Beth Hart perchè infinitamente più godibile..

il significato ?

The song “Chocolate Jesus” appeared on Tom Waits’s 1999 Grammy Award-winning album Mule Variations and has since been covered by dozens of artists, most notably Beth Hart. The lyrics describe a boy who goes to a candy store every Sunday to get his fill of chocolate Jesus. No other candy will do—because “only a chocolate Jesus / Can satisfy my soul”; “it’s the only thing / That can pick me up.”

The chorus goes:

Well it’s got to be a chocolate Jesus
Make me feel good inside
Got to be a chocolate Jesus
Keep me satisfied

Waits said he was inspired to write this song after learning about Testamints, a candy product with a cross imprinted on it and a Bible verse on the wrapping. Amused, he thought he’d take it one step further.

The song is commonly interpreted as a jab at those who use religion merely as a feel-good mechanism. Eating chocolate is known to release endorphins, or pleasure chemicals, in the brain; practicing religion can have the same effect, and it is this superficial pleasure experience that attracts some to the faith and sustains them in it. Those who have a taste for only the sweetness of a religion, suggests Waits, are like candy-addicted kids, dependent on sugar highs and undernourished. What of the cross that Jesus calls Christians to bear? What of social and moral responsibility? What of the Beatitudes: “Blessed are the poor in spirit,” “Blessed are those who mourn,” and so on? What of the bitter pill of sin and its consequences? These aren’t so tasty, and so some Christians omit them from their diet.

The problem then is that Christianity becomes me-centered and ceases to be Christianity.

comunque i chocolate jesus esistono davvero